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Redesigning and Remaking Jewellery

A fabulous way of breathing new life into your inherited and unworn jewellery is to have it redesigned and remade into a new piece of jewellery.
We don’t expect you to come to us with fixed designs or sketches – a vague idea that you’d like to make a new piece of jewellery using Great-Granny’s engagement ring that you inherited that’s been sitting in your jewellery box or at the back of a drawer or the jewellery you were given for significant birthdays which now isn't quite you is enough for us to get started. We’ll sit down with you and talk about what you like in jewellery and what can be made using your pieces, we’ll then produce designs for you. When we have the final design; we'll create your new piece of jewellery.

Pieces we have redesigned and remade for clients.

Plush Jewellery Ltd has ceased to exist

A big thank you to everyone who bought lovely jewellery from us and all the fabulous jewellers we worked with over the years.