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DECO|GEO by Allison Tupper

"The DECO|GEO collection is influenced by and draws on the strong, linear forms of the Art Deco era. These pieces are created using a combination of ancient and modern jewellery making techniques.
The designs began life sketched on paper before being transferred to computer and, using the scanned sketches as templates, I built the jewellery in 3D modelling software. The 3D models were then sliced and printed in jewellers wax at high resolution. This wax was then used, via the lost wax casting process, to create the master pattern for each piece, which then allows a number to be created. I hand-finish every piece of DECO|GEO jewellery with a combination of final finishes; polished, satinised and oxidised, these finishes will alter with wear, giving each and every piece of DECO|GEO jewellery its own, unique, character."
- Allie

Plush Jewellery Ltd has ceased to exist

A big thank you to everyone who bought lovely jewellery from us and all the fabulous jewellers we worked with over the years.