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Redesigning and Remaking Jewellery - 3 Sapphire Gold Ring
15th July 2014 posted in Commissions - Remakes

Having seen this sapphire and diamond, gold ring that we had remade from inherited jewellery, our client got in touch to ask us if we could create a new design for her inherited jewellery. Alongside the client, we decided to use two of her pieces to make the new ring. A 22ct gold wedding band and a sapphire and gold engagement ring that had been well worn and well loved. ...Read more

A Dozen Small Additions to an Existing Piece of Jewellery
09th January 2014 posted in Commissions - Remakes

Christmas is a great time to add a little sparkle into your life. In the run up to the big day last year we were asked if we could revitalise a much-loved gold ring. The ring needed to be resized but could we suggest ways to make this already unusual piece of jewellery even more different? ...Read more

Redesigning and Remaking - Sapphire and Diamond Gold Ring
23rd November 2013 posted in Commissions - Remakes

Our client approached us to ask if we could design a more contemporary ring based on a Sapphire and Diamond Gold ring that she had inherited. The original ring was a of a beautiful classic design that had obviously been worn and loved. The diamonds are gorgeous old cuts that aren't commonly found today. ...Read more

When is a Ring Not a Ring - When it's a Pendant
18th June 2013 posted in Commissions - Remakes

We were approached to see if it was possible to make something new from a much loved but unworn ring made from white gold, pink sapphires and diamonds. The ring was being replaced but its owner didn't want to hide her existing ring away in her jewellery box. "Why not let us turn it into a pendant?" we suggested. ...Read more

Alison's Stack of Rings - A Remake Using Existing Jewellery - Diamonds, Pink Sapphires, Aquamarine, 9ct Rose Gold, 9ct White Gold, 9ct Yellow Gold, 18ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold and Platinum
25th January 2013 posted in Commissions - Remakes

Alison got in touch and asked us to propose a new design for a stone set, 18ct White Gold ring that had been bought for a special birthday but wasn't working well for her. ...Read more

Sara's 1mm Handmade 18ct White Gold Engagement and Wedding Ring Set
23rd April 2012 posted in Commissions - Remakes

Sara spotted our handmade engagement and wedding rings online and got in touch with us to ask if we would make her a special engagement and wedding ring set based on a variation of that design. ...Read more

Marieanne's Wedding Ring - Palladium and Using Family Diamonds
05th September 2011 posted in Commissions - Remakes

Marieanne asked us if we would make her Palladium wedding band, of course we were delighted to do so and she asked if we could incorporate diamonds from a family ring that had lost its main stone at some unknown point in history. ...Read more

A Pair of Gold Stud Earrings Made from Inherited Jewellery
26th October 2011 posted in Commissions - Remakes

These gorgeous Gold stud earrings were made for a 21st birthday present. The design style was taken from a much-loved pair of silver studs and recreated in our South Coast workshop. To make these earrings even more special, the gold used came from pieces of jewellery that had been inherited but no longer worn. ...Read more

Love Ring - A Remade Ring in Sterling Silver
16th June 2010 posted in Commissions - Remakes

A much-loved ring was brought in to us. Made from a plated base metal; as with many rings of this sort, the plating wears away over time to reveal the base metal below. Could we suggest any way of making the ring wearable again? ...Read more

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