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Commission - Remake - Redesigning and Remaking - Sapphire and Diamond Gold Ring

Our client approached us to ask if we could design a more contemporary ring based on a Sapphire and Diamond Gold ring that she had inherited. The original ring was a of a beautiful classic design that had obviously been worn and loved. The diamonds are gorgeous old cuts that aren't commonly found today.

original, inherited Sapphire, Diamond and Gold Ring
Inherited Sapphire, Diamond and Gold ring.

Holly met with the client to discuss her ideas for her new ring. They decided that flush setting the Sapphires and Diamonds within a chunkier, more contemporary band of gold would look fabulous. Holly then produced designs for the new ring.

redesign, design sketches
Redesign, design sketches.

Once the final design was agreed on, it was into the workshop to create the new, remade ring.

the finished, redesigned, remade ring
The finished, redesigned, remade ring.

Our jewellery is made in small jewellers studios near Chichester on the West Sussex, Hampshire border.
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A big thank you to everyone who bought lovely jewellery from us and all the fabulous jewellers we worked with over the years.