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Commission - Handmade Silver and Perdiot Pendant with a Twist

This gorgeous silver and peridot pendant takes the form of an orgainc, pebble like, shape. Its rippled surface akin to the patterns in sand on the beach when the tide is receding. Fittingly it was made in a studio near the sea in Sussex.

handmade silver and peridot pendant
Handmade Silver and Peridot Pendant

There is, however, a twist to this piece of jewellery. Turning the pendant over; you'll see that there is a groove carved into the back, with a silver clip protecting it.

handmade silver and peridot pendant, reverse view
the reverse of the pendant shows a twist

What's the purpose of the groove and clip?
The pendant was created as a companion piece to this Tom's Platinum and Diamond Engagement ring and the groove and clip are designed to gently but securely hold the shank of the ring, allowing the ring to be worn as part of the pendant. The ring owner's profession doesn't allow for the wearing of rings, the pendant keeps it safe.

handmade silver and peridot pendant with platinum and diamond ring
the Silver and Peridot pendant with its companion Platinum and Diamond ring

The reverse shows how the pendant's groove and clip securely hold the Platinum and Diamond Ring's shank.

the pendant holds the ring's shank securely
the pendant securely holds the ring shank

Our jewellery is made in small jewellers studios near Chichester on the West Sussex, Hampshire border.
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